Monday, November 5, 2007

Can your fingers catch up with your thoughts?

I did write the first 4 pages of the book right after I wrote my last blog. I typed it instead of writing long hand. Usually I write long hand, fax to my typist and she types for me. That changed for the first time when I wrote Turned Away. Because that was a diary, the writing was slower, I did an entry a day, as I researched, rather than researching first and then writing. So I didn’t mind the slow pace- did I mention that I type with 2 fingers? But I write fast, or as my 3 year old grandson would say, faster than fast. So typing can’t keep up with my thinking. I think that typing that book played into a very different style.

So the big question, should I type this one or write as usual? Not sure yet. The first 4 pages were typed but that was because I wanted to have them on file-I had a hunch that after getting them done I’d be taking a small break and I was right.

First of all, there’s a book I want to finish before I continue writing. It’s called Extraordinary Knowing by Elizabeth Mayer and is a fascinating look at anomalous events. It begins with her describing how her daughter lost a priceless harp. No one could find it, not even the police, so in desperation and on a dare she called a dowser. Dowsers are known for locating water but apparently good ones can find anything. And this dowser, over the phone and from thousands of miles away, found the harp! All she did was tell him the city where it was lost and he told her exactly where it was. It had been stolen and the police couldn’t get a search warrant on the say so of a dowser so she put up signs on that block offering a reward and sure enough she was called, had to meet someone late at night, and the harp was returned for the reward, no questions asked. She was a PHD, a psychoanalyst, and had no belief in the paranormal. This event sent her on a quest to find out more. I’ve only read three chapters but so far it’s an amazing book. She includes many stories from doctors who were afraid to mention their strange experiences for fear of being called crazy but talk to her when she starts to study inexplicable phenomenon.

The Freak is about a girl who becomes psychic. I believe people can be psychic and will go into that in another post. But the question I’m looking into now is, what exactly does that mean? How does it work? Is it what we think it is? And what does it mean if somehow we can, for instance, forecast the future? Will talk about all these questions as we go.

Meantime my copy edit for The Proof That Ghosts Exist has arrived and Perry Nodelman, my co- writer, and I are each reading it separately and then on Sunday will go over it together- so no time for Freak 3 today.

Cheers everyone,

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