Friday, November 9, 2007

Not every week is great for writing.

This week has not been a good week for writing. To say the least. First Perry and I had to finish our copy edit for The Proof That Ghosts Exist, coming out this spring, which meant each of us reading the edit separately and then going over each change together over the phone. After that we needed to come up with chapter headings and that was easy for me because Perry had a great idea for them and came up with most of them. Next the cover art for the book came in and that took up lots of time going back and forth with discussions between our editor, the art director and me and Perry. Finally our editor thinks it might be a good idea to put a teaser in to the first ghost book- a chapter or a few pages of the second ghost book. So that meant Perry and I had to make sure we knew where book 2 was heading. I wrote a few pages and sent it to Perry. Overnight I decided I didn’t like it. So we talked over the phone and brain stormed other ideas for a beginning. We decided on one and he has written the first few pages now and as soon as I finish this blog I’m going to go and write a few more.

Did I mention that my daughter and her family- hubby, and two little ones under age 3- also moved on Thursday? That meant I was babysitter in charge of the grandchildren, and also the one who made sure everyone had food to eat every night.

Oh- something really amazing did happen this week even though I didn’t get a chance to even look at Freak 3. I dreamed a whole new book. That’s only happened to me once before, and it was for the Minds books – I dreamed that first scene in Of Two Minds. This time I dreamed a whole book outline, characters and plot and everything. And it’s a really good idea. I have no idea where it came from- it’s a realistic story, nothing to do with ghosts or psychics or anything else that I’m thinking about these days. Go figure.

OK. That’s all for now- I’m off to write ghostly stuff and then hopefully, finally, this week, I’ll get back to Freak 3.

By the way I think we have a title, but I’ll wait a bit to tell you.
All best,