Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome Students of Minitonas Middle School!

At 1:00 PM today the grade 8 students of Minitonas Middle School in Minitonas, Manitoba will meet Carol for a live chat here on The Freak 3 blog!


Tessa said...

Hello Carol! We are very excited to be talking to you about your novel The Freak, we are nearly finished reading it as a class and are looking forward to getting the books the publisher sent us. Here is our first question:
Are you speaking from personal experience from all or some of the events in your books?

blog admin said...

Hi tessa, Carol is just having some technical dificulties. She will post her response shortly!
Sorry for the delay.

carol matas said...

Hi Tessa,
Sorry this first answer took a bit long- looks like my old computer just isn't up to this. Fortunately my husband has a new mac and i'm writing on his.
And the answer is yes- i've has some amazing experiences with psychic phenomenom -both through going to psychics and my own weird abilites. For instance the day before my daughter was told she had to leave her apt by Dec 1st I told her she would have to do that. I had a "flash" and just knew it would happen and the next day her landlord gave her the bad news.

Taylor said...

thats kind of neat

where did you get the ideas for jades feelings?(seeing colors and faces.)

carol matas said...

Hi Taylor,
I've done a fair amount of research on people with these abilities and apparently "information" comes to them in different ways. Some can hear things some can see, some see auras, some do all of that. I've also asked psychics how they get their information. When I had that "flash" about my daughter it came a as a thought in my head, very ordinary.

Lindsey said...

Lots of us are wondering how can you sit for hours writing and not get bored?

carol matas said...

Hi Lindsey,
I think I'm like any person who is lucky enough to have a job he or she likes. Since I enjoy writing, it isn't boring to me, in fact, I find it exciting. It's thrilling when you get a new idea or you figure out just the way a sentence should sound or you discover a plot point. Sometimes, like in all work, it can be frustrating, even gruelling, and for me that's as I get further into the process, by the 4th or 5th draft. But even that is better than working at some job that I would hate.

Mikayla said...

Wow, we have a hard time editing after the first draft!

I read your biography and found out you were into acting. If you didn't start writing do you think now you would be acting?

carol matas said...

Hi Mikayla,
I'm not sure what I'd be doing if I had not started writing. I had begun to find acting very frustrating because you have so little control over your career. At least with writing you can write whether someone hires you or not, but with acting you need to wait to be hired. There are still some things you can't control with writing- like reviews, whether your publisher will spend money promoting the books, and whether people will like it, but no one can stop you from writing!

Brennan said...

What caused you to write about people with near death experience?BL

carol matas said...

Hi Brennan,
I guess we've gone over time but we started late so I hope this worked out for you guys. I'll take one more question after this one.
I wrote about the near death experience because I'd been fascinated for years by reports of people, especially children, who related having them. I'd read lots of books on the subject and found it natural to include it in Jade's story because many people are profoundly changed after a near death experience. Most of them say that they are not afraid of death anymore, for instance.

John said...

Thank you for this opportunity to meet with you. For our last question, I ask how you choose a setting for your books, and why you chose Winnipeg. We're looking forward to reading the rest of the book.

carol matas said...

Hi John,
Choosing a setting is a very important part of a book. I like the idea of setting a book locally, first of all because I think it's cool for Winnipegers to be able to read about their own city- and Manitobans like you to be able to read about your province- instead of always reading about New York or England or some place in the US. And secondly, as a writer, it's all so familiar, you can describe things so well. I hope I caught the feeling of -35 and what that is like in Visions and in The Freak I tried to capture the city in the summer. My new book, with Perry Nodelman, is called The Proof that ghosts Exist and it's set at Falcon Lake. It was fun to describe a place I've been to almost evey year of my life. The third Freak book will take place in Palm springs, CA another place that I know well and can describe in detail.
Thanks to all of you for participating today. This is my first time live blogging and I think we did pretty well! Enjoy the books!
All best,

Tracy Maksymchuk said...

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us. We really enjoyed chatting with you and in the down time between posts we finished The Freak! We loved the suspense and it has started a lot of dialogue about what we believe. We look forward to the next books in the series!! We'll continue to keep an eye on your blog!

P.S. I could taste the gelato! Every time my husband and I go to Wpg in the summer we have to go to Nucci's!

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