Friday, November 16, 2007


My birthday was yesterday and guess what I did to celebrate? I went to a psychic!

OK, that might seem too much like research, since I am writing a book about a psychic, but this is someone I’ve been going to since we moved back to Winnipeg in 1981. In case you haven’t read about this on my web site I’ll tell you the story of my first meeting with this psychic. My cousin recommended him and I went just for fun, not really believing in any of it. At the end of the session I asked him if I would ever get my books published- I had 2 finished and had had about 20 rejections and was feeling pretty discouraged. He said yes, within a year and by a small publisher in Saskatoon. I was really shocked- it was such a specific prediction. Anyway, about 2 weeks later the head of the Literary section of the Manitoba Arts Council called and told me that there was a publisher in town and since the Arts Council had some copies, because I’d applied for a grant, could she show them to this woman? I asked who who it was and she told me that her name was Carolyn and that she was a publisher from Saskatoon. I started to scream and babble about a psychic etc. She must have thought I was crazy but she gave them to Carolyn and within a year they were published along with a third one I’d been working on.Weird, eh?

So, yesterday the psychic told me that I was going to be giving away secrets about my work. And in a way that’s what this blog is, so he was right again. He also said that I was split between 2 households which is true, because I’m so involved in my daughter’s household because of my grandchildren. He also said that after this project- which he said needed to be done by Feb.- again true- I’d be doing something else. I wonder what that could mean? As far as I know after this one I go right into writing the second book of the Ghosthunters series, but maybe that’s what he meant.

I talked today to Kelly at Key Porter and she’s the one setting up this blog. She’s terrific, by the way. And we discussed how it would work with all your questions, posts, etc. and I explained to her that as long as I’m not writing my first draft I can post and I can do sessions on line, but once I start on my first draft I can’t do anything else. I don’t even pay my bills! I do get so involved and so focused that I can only think about the story. So there will be a break while I am writing the first draft, although I’ll still try to post once a week if I can. After the first draft, once I’m on to the second draft we can meet up again on line at the appointed time.

Right. Now I’m going to go back to reading Extraordinary Knowing. What a great book. I still feel I have more research to do before I can settle down to the first draft.

All best wishes,